Letting Go

Are you struggling with regrets about the past? Do you think constantly about a person or event that changed the path of your life? Do you want to be free of these thoughts, feelings and emotions? Join me on a two day ‘Letting Go’ journey, find your new path, free from the past and full of the future.

Find Your Path to Happiness

A one day workshop that will give you strategies to use everyday. Learn how to find your way off the superfast highway of your mind and into a more tranquil and manageable path of contentment and happiness.

Managing Anxiety

Come to a safe place and explore ways to manage your anxiety. Small supportive groups, no pressure, just an opportunity to talk and find methods to help you manage your anxiety.

1-1 Sessions

One hour sessions dedicated to you. Can be done at your home, workplace or my office

Meditation in the Workplace

Introducing meditation and mindfulness in the workplace can lead to lower workplace stress, more positive attitudes, better communication, and greater teamwork within your organisation and with your clients.